It's not as insurmountable as it seems since the more damage it takes, the more damage subsequent attacks do. As you approach a wooden bridge, Meve will wonder whether you've been that way before. The champion leader can damage you based on the number of units you've lost, so try and keep your troops alive. Regiment Drummers are fine, however. As you proceed, a cart will fall down a chasm. You can also order the summoned infantry to move between allied rows triggering any effects from movement (such as strengthening a Wagenburg in the other row) or simply to make way for a unit that you want to play in an otherwise fully occupied row. Exit the fortress and go west and south to find a golden chest (7/10). Read the notice board to highlight nearby points of interest and make note of the shrine just to the northeast. You can go further down to pick up a bit of loot and then approach the figures near the broken bridge for a scene. Not bad. The 25 HP Elemental will set fire to your ranged row, reducing it to 12 HP. Use Longsword on the units that you want to keep alive. Play the Rivian Sapper and eliminate the remaining enemies. Rivian Pikeman + (Human, Blitz)Gains 2 power. Which ability depends on the equipped weapon. Can be devastating if you or your enemy have units with powerful Deathwish abilities. This will cause the enemy to use up all his forces before reinforcements arrive. The Nilfgaardians are demoralised so all units have 1 HP fewer than normal. Not bad. If the enemy unit is destroyed, repeat. She is a pacifist in a time of war which is a difficult stance to maintain. There are two people you can talk to here. Your goal is to eliminate all foes. Your goal is to damage the wyvern and you do so by moving cards on the battlefield horizontally or vertically. Approach the soldiers for a puzzle battle. Pick your way past more burning buildings and make your way into the remains of an army camp. This is a standard battle. Go west from the obstacle until the game throws you into your first battle. Help yourself to the contents of his woodpile regardless. A short distance further along, you will be ambushed by Scoia'tael. Head southwest through the abandoned stone circle and unlock the fast travel point. After the Hym's turn, it will have 5 HP and your units will have 4 and 1. Choose to ask House Obert for help. Examine the wrecked cart and choose to take the abandoned goods for 250G and a card fragment. From the signpost, walk a few paces southwest to find the dig icon that marks the location of a golden chest (8/9). Gheso Arbalest is a card in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. This is a standard battle. Afterwards, cross the bridge to the northeast. After two turns, the unit is boosted by the power of the unit on its right and returned to the allied side. If Isbel is in your army you can pay 250G to heal the sick soldier. Further west you will come to another obelisk. The nearby gate represents a point of no return. If you didn't use the shrine earlier, you can do so now. There's nothing special about this battle. Choose to attack the printers' workshop for another battle. At this point, you need to keep them under 10 HP so that they do not explode. Continue into the town of Harmelen. Return to the fast travel point and follow the path east to the quest marker. As you cross the bridge to the northeast, you can help out a merchant in need. But for everything else, Iike letters that depend on choices, the TODO list, and anything else I noticed while reading the guide, I'm giving some comments. You will be at a crossroads. You will see a Troll blocking a bridge leading northeast. Talk to the two people to learn that someone has given an injured Nilfgaardian shelter. The game forces you to use Meve's Longsword ability on the Scytheman. It will also deploy Garkain units that seize yours and move them to the other side of the board. Approach the gate of the Nilfgaardian fort and choose to attack. You will find some new Scoia'tael propaganda among your reports. What a surprise! You can use Royal Decree / Mandrake to summon two units as your opening move to allow you to start gathering charges right away. If you helped Dravograd earlier, you may want to hold off talking to the group of grateful citizens. Arbalests are decent as well because you can use them to take out spies that the enemy deploys (they're weak and can prevent Gascon from taking damage). If you need to restore army morale, take a right at the sign post and you'll find a shrine a short distance along. Use the Crushing Trap on the enemy's ranged row. You can end this quickly simply by destroying Falbeson's Guard units to accelerate the countdown. Respond in the first instance as you please (I was tempted to have the man flogged, I must say). Again, the Grey Rider units will move. End your turn. Then head north to proceed. This means that you always want him in your deck (he's free points) but never in your hand. Here's a solution. This unit is OK and can be used to repair damaged allies. Meve is on the melee row surrounded by eight palisades. Play an Alchemist + anywhere and use his ability on the Horse Thief so that the Horse Thief now has 12 HP. Very helpful, thanks indeed! This damages the highest powered unit by 5 if its power is even. If you didn't take advantage of the inn earlier, you can restore it a little. Here's a solution. Mardroeme: Bear (Trinket)Turns a damaged unit into a bear with 22 power. But it says here that letting Murko keep the treasure gives you 5000 gold later on, but where exactly? Use Slingers to damage them and move them onto your traps. Deploy the second Alchemist anywhere and select the Sapper so that his strength is reduced to 4. Outside the village make your way east across a short wooden bridge and pick up some loot. This is good when the enemy commander can summon units from the graveyard. It's harder than it sounds. Return to the crossroads and take the path leading northwest and make a note of the shrine. Before ending your turn, destroy them with the Wagenburg. Continue northeast for the customary vista that accompanies the start of a new chapter and then make your way east to a Nilfgaardian Fortress. Your enemy has the Cliff on her Ranged Row. Continue west a short distance to find a golden chest (3/9). Pitfall Trap (Machine)When deployed, damages all enemy units on the target row by 2. Continue round and unlock the fast travel point. The goal in this battle is to remove all corpses from the board. Otherwise, it will cost you recruits and morale. When you come to a split in the path, make your way south. There are seven of them and they only have a few HP each which makes this battle reasonably straightforward. This means that you are able to unlock the In Good Company trophy. There are 4 Water Hags on the board and Torrential Rain is present on all rows. Play an Arblaest on, say, your melee row and attack the sixth corpse along in the enemy melee row. After the battle you will receive a new weapon for Meve and a decent amount of gold and wood to boot. Place the Wagenburg into the melee row. Use the Drummer to summon five pikemen to your melee row. If they do summon a blitz unit, they will summon another unit as well. Basically, you want to use the Slinger and Sappers to destroy Light Infantry which will damage enemies and charge your Onagers. Disgraced Warrior (Human)The order ability is to force an enemy unit to duel him. Two will take its place. In my game, Keltullis duelled a 28-strength Eyck and lost. Lyrian Arbalests can destroy Water Hags and Slingers can move them. Before you can attack Vreemde, however, you'll need to eliminate the Elite unit that gives him immunity. Cross the bridge into Black Brook Vale and unlock the fast travel point. You will be to the northwest of Rosberg. The enemy commander has an ability that will damage a unit by 5 and units either side by 2. You can talk to the woman standing outside her ruined house but there isn't anything you can do for her. On alternate turns, the Reckless Vampire will seize the strongest unit while the Shrewd Vampire will seize the weakest. Job done. Leave the estate and return to the main path leading south. After the battle you can read one notice board for local information and retrieve a letter from the other. If you have Eyck with you, you will be able to retrieve 500G with no cost. The enemy uses lots of units that damage yours so you want Eyck and/or Isbel in your deck to deliver knockout blows. Every slot on each row is occupied by 2 strength Arachas Drones. Before leaving the estate, look behind the house for a golden chest (4/6). You'll also find a letter near the hut. In round two, it should be obvious that you shouldn't play the Arbalest first so lay down a Scytheman and end your turn. Your goal is to eliminate the Grave Hag. Nilfgaardian units are trapped in cocoons with some still alive. This will inflict 4 HP damage to all enemy units. The Alghoul will consume a card from its graveyard leaving it with 16 HP. If you stopped the ritual earlier, some of your soldiers will fall victim to poisoning. The Longsword boosts an ally's strength by four and gives it one point of armour and can be used every three turns. Otherwise, they increase the timer by 2 after two turns. Building a deck in Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, you have to meet some requirements. He will spam units that drain your units and halve your units' power so Eyck and Isbel will get powered up nicely. I can't find anything after this point that gives me 5000 gold from Murko, is it a mistake? Examine the quest marker at the end of the path for a scene and the final battle of the chapter. The secret to destroying it is to kill Slyzards that appear. These are pretty much the same units that you faced in chapter 2. Examine the barricade across the path to discover the location of Falbeson, an Aedirnian traitor. Their order ability can now summon any type of unit, not just blitz units. Meve has the Warhammer ability so use it to move a Rivian Pikeman to the top of the deck. Here's a solution. After the battle, you will meet Isbel of Tretogor, a sorceress. Xavier will get them moving again. It has good synergy with Foragers and Alchemists. Return the way you came past the locked gate and follow the path west through the broken wall. Ignore the locked building for the moment and pick up some loot just to the west. Muzzle (Trinket)Seize a bronze enemy unit. Examine a building to the south. The enemy will be unable to move. This time, go northeast and keep going northeast. "Same power" means that the benefit you'll get from their ability is on the low side. Play a third Arbalest on the same row as your other units and destroy the General. Afterwards, walk south around the nearby islet to collect some loot and continue round for a battle. Make your way into the middle of the village for a scene. Here's a solution. You will then have to choose whether to punish one of your soldiers who has killed a civilian in an argument. Their children have failed to return from their drekthag, a year long journey to human lands intended for young dwarves to gain experience of the world. End your turn. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Every turn, the Beast spawns four Barghests. Your goal is to eliminate the enemy Archespores without letting any of your units die. Continue past them to the point of interest to the northwest for a battle. If, somehow, the Slave's power is higher than the Slave Driver's, he will kill the Slave Driver instead. Cross the bridge until you have a scene with Eyck of Denesle. Continue south and grab the bit of loot to the west of the path. The only problem is that captured units lose any special abilities. Return to the most recent fast travel point. Prioritise the Black Infantry Arbalest units since they are the most damaging that the enemy has access to. Keep using your Longsword to boost the strength of your Scythemen and use summoned Alchemists to duplicate the power of your supercharged Scythemen to other units. You will have to fight yet another battle to be able to recover the golden chest (4/9). You can choose either option here with the same result. Leave the town through the northern exit and talk to the dwarf to gain a recruit. Go behind the building and look near a tree for a dig point that reveals the final golden chest for this chapter (10/10). Use something like Artefact Compression or Fake Floren to eliminate any siege engines that are repeatedly targeting Demavend. Thronebreaker was released in October 2018 for Microsoft Windows, on 4 December 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in January 2020 for Nintendo Switch, and in July . If you fought the elves at the field hospital earlier you will have the disadvantage of reduced morale, however. Here's a solution: You'll receive a Decoy trinket following victory. Mardroeme: Vengeance (Trinket)Destroy the highest ally and play 2 allies from your graveyard. This will complete the Dimeritium Bomb. You can choose to observe the spies or not - it doesn't seem to make a lot of difference. The game will force you to use the Fortitude Tonic even though you can win by passing. You will be battling the forces of the Mysterious Figure. You can prevent this if you use the Meve: Longsword weapon to restore damaged units. You can choose to give the true measurements or lie. Volunteer Corps (Dwarf, Blitz)Can be ordered to move two units with the same power to the other row. Continue east and approach the Wyvern for a puzzle battle. If you are using it, you can wipe the Pikemen out with one swipe of the Rivian Broadsword. You can grab some loot nearby, but a broken bridge prevents you going further south. Make your way east to unlock the fast travel point. Stray of Spalla (Human)When deployed, damage a unit by 5. Use Command: March on the Strays Bomber so that he can survive two turns. When a Water Hag dies, Torrential Rain is removed from the row that it is on and a Swift Slinger appears in your hand. You can choose to recover the possessions of drowned villagers to receive 100G and 500 wood at a cost of 8 recruits. Approach the gates of the Nilfgaardian fort for a battle. I'm going to lose a character, 2. Lyrian Scythemen are invaluable here because you can boost them easily. Instead, backtrack east a short distance and speak to the individual with the blue cap. There is a timer on the field that counts down each turn. Go south to find another abandoned village. Remember not to use the Fake Floren trinket since it can't be used against bosses. Approach the Water Hag for a battle. Not as good as being able to select any unit but this is pretty powerful. The Alghoul will consume the Nekker to its right and grow to 17 strength. Depending on your actions in the previous chapter, Rayla may leave your forces. If you lynched the nonhumans in Elkenfurt or murdered the patients in the field hospital, these episodes will not go unmentioned. This is a battle that is hard to lose. Not so useful when you need to damage enemies, however. You don't particularly need either Reynard or Gascon, however. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. There are a couple of pieces of loot that are inaccessible from your current location so don't worry about them for the moment. End your turn. The enemy units are all were-creatures that you've not encountered before. Your goal is to eliminate Gernichora. From the battle site, head west along the northernmost path. This is a standard battle in which you'll be fighting a lot of slave units. Return to the fork and go west to read the notice board then follow the quest marker to the north for a scene. Unlocking the chest will give you a letter. Two peasants standing by the roadside will mention seeing a mysterious boat. Again, respond as you like. Side quest in the second map Aedirn.If you help the Nilfgaardians and accept them in your army you will get 2x 'Gheso Footman' and 2x 'Gheso Arbalest'Link to Gheso Footman ability card to Gheso Arbalest ability card is possible to lose Eyck Of Denesle Quest name: My Enemy's Enemy + In Defence Of The EnemyWhat happens when you help the Nilfgaardians or won't help Eyck.How to get Nilfgaardian troops in your army.Thronebreaker the Witcher tales Weaken your enemy and strengthen yourself? This will start out at 1 and go up by 1 each turn. Instead, wait for Gernichora to move them to the ranged row whereupon they will start draining her. You will soon come to a fork. Use the recruiting post and grab the resources from near where the soldier is standing. You may want to let the enemy commander fill his ranks with Slaves and make your strategy outscoring him rather than destroying his units. Occasionally he will eat one of your trinkets, powering him up greatly. Head south to where a Nilfgaardian transport has crashed into a bridge. After the battle, Hoog will not be sympathetic to your requests but Gabor will suggest ways in which you might be able to bring him round. 2023 dynasty rookie rankings, kobalt lk20175 air compressor manual,
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